nicole schindelholz


nicole schindelholz, 1980

product-, furniture- and interior design

born and grown up in escholzmatt, switzerland

currently living in berlin, germany






my design world

next to the commercial design field, I see the field of the observation of the society, people’s habits and neglects, tradition and history, high- and lowtec. I want people to not only see function and user-friendliness, at the same time I want them to think, feel and experience. based on my own fascinations, I want people being aware of small things in the world, small details on a product, which they often don’t see in their hectic world.

my approach is very experimental and connected with a lot of model making. making, observing, reflecting is guiding me towards the end products. there is no answer at the beginning, my hands are leading me. adding, cutting away, changing… all this is about finding the right proportion, size, colour…, the right combination.



I was born in switzerland in 1980. with the education as a primary teacher, I was teaching 12 / 13 years old kids for several years. I loved to teach and give further my knowledge to other people. at the same time I wanted to bring forward my hobby of making, drawing and painting. the propaedeutic year in the lucerne university of applied sciences and arts in 2006 showed me, that I’m on the right track and I should follow it. during my four years education at the design academy eindhoven in the netherlands, my passion was growing more and more, and I knew, that design is, what I want to do! I graduated the bachelor of design in june 2011 from the design academy with the first class honor degree “cum laude”.


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theoretical and practical knowledge in the processing of wood, plastic, fabric, plaster, ceramic and metal. special experience in experimental and final model making. intensive examination in the field of color. in addition, experience in graphics, typography, type design, book binding, textile design, gravure and screen printing. knowledge of various research techniques and concept development. furthermore, broad knowledge in drawing and painting techniques with pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylic, gouache.


windows and macintosh. good knowledge of indesign, illustrator, photoshop, rhino, microsoft word, powerpoint, premiere, lightroom, and rendering with vray, keyshot, 3d studio max. little experience in flash, solidworks, 3d studio max. ability to learn programs quickly and adapt them to the studio needs.


german as native language. very good knowledge of english. good knowledge of dutch and french. knowledge of spanish. beginner skills in korean.


cheerful, affable, outgoing and enthusiastic personality with a lot of positive energy. exceptional organizational skills which ensure careful planning, efficient operation and calm in stressful situations. hardworking, responsible, reliable and dedicated with a high degree of autonomy. excellent interpersonal skills, team player and a high critical and reflective ability.


dmy international design festival berlin, germany, 2012

graduation show 2011, dutch design week, eindhoven, the netherlands, 2011

scale tac, eindhoven conspectus, dutch design week, eindhoven, the netherlands, 2009

brutkasten, lucerne, switzerland, 2007



jane worthington, teacher design academy eindhoven, department man and activity

“in my fifteen years of teaching BA product design I’ve seen my share of students, mostly good to average, some poor, and a few exceptional. nicole belongs to the last category which is why she received her cumlaude / first class honors degree. in order to receive this one must excell in all areas. when asked to find the words to define nicole I would choose, driven, talented and intelligent. her work is poetic and has a high level or refined aesthetic. while teaching her I noticed that she sees and understands things other designers oversee, this is the defining factor that makes her unique. I had the pleasure to be chosen by nicole as her mentor for her final exam, she was always positive and inspiring, a pleasure to teach. I am sure that nicole will succeed in all she decides to do in life and I wish her success in persuit of the high goals which she sets for herself.”

michael sodeau, michael sodeau partnership, london

nicole schindelholz has worked diligently throughout her tree month internship at michael sodeau partnership. she is methodical and thoughtful in her approach to design and has an inquiring nature. nicole is very good at communicating her ideas. this combined with her sketch work, sketch models and computer modeling, gives her the tools necessary to present projects to the highest standard. she has a very good understanding of design, a creative mind and a passion about the projects she has undertaken. nicole is dedicated, reliable and has worked hard to resolve projects. she is considered, motivated and always has a smile. she has worked well under pressure and can manage her time very effectively. she is incredibly well organized and has a reassuring nature with clients. nicole has a maturity beyond her years, she has been an asset during her time here and I am sure she will be a valuable addition to any future employee.